• Urethane foam manufacture – (ef4850)

              Mattresses, upholstery, furniture, motor vehicles, insulation


  • Safe sleep zone protection –(ef4850)

             Mattresses, bedding, pillows


  • Textiles – (ef4850)

             Domestic and commercial flooring, fabric upholstery, furnishing fabrics, bath towels and              mats, backpacks, automotive, aircraft, apparel, sports wear, shoes.


  • Surface and environmental hygiene – (ef4850, ef075 surface plus, ef045 hand sanitiser)

             Hospitals, uniforms, bed linen, towels, hospital mattresses and protection mats, hospital                body wipes, medical comsumables, masks, gowns, hotels, the home, cruise ships, aircraft


  • Food and beverage – (ef075 surface plus)

             Abattoirs, food storage, food processing, food packaging, food distribution, bottling                          equipment, abattoirs, food production lines, meat works, meat boning rooms, wineries                                       


  • Building, Construction, Mining (ef075 surface plus, ef045 hand sanitiser)


  • Human and animal health – (ef4850, ef075 surface plus, ef 045 hand sanitiser)

             Hospitals, aged care, patient privacy screens, equipment, casualty and reception areas,                  schools, vets, laundries, public buildings, sports facilities, locker rooms, showers, basins,                toilets and bifets, kitchen and laundry benches, appliances, children toys, stollers, car                      seats, baby change tables, office computers/ keyboards, photocopiers, mobile and fixed                  phones, light switches.


        Industrial OEM Applcations

        Specialised industrial applications 

        Fresche incorporated in other companies products

Many uses across Many industries - the applications are endless




Many uses across 

Many industries 

the applications are endless

Fresche Tex EF4850

Commercial Manufacturing


Mattresses, upholstery, furniture, motor vehicles, insulation, footwear, carpets and apparel